Can Botet a farmhouse of 1800

Our Masia is the core of the farm.

Production of Olives Arbequina

We have 980 Arbequina olives super intensive system under drip irrigation.

Quinua or Quinoa Cultivation

We do research and development on different varieties of Quinoa short and long cycle, with and without irrigation.

Chia cultivation

We are beginning our crops on CHIA, which is really fatty acid alpha-linolenic omega possesses.

Amaranth cultivation

It is the same family as Quinoa. We are starting our culture but with the experience gained from Quinoa.

Aloe Vera

Given the regenerative properties of Aloe, we are cultivating to develop new healthy foods.


We started our production with the best certified Stevia plants.


We begin our research project on Moringa Oleifera.


We are doing research and development certificates fungi to start producing the Elixir of Vivo Longa.


We are researching and producing Ormus to use compost in our plantation.